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Arthroscopy (Overview)


Your orthopedic surgeon may advise a patient to undergo arthroscopic surgery if there’s an underlying issue with a joint in their body. An arthroscope, a tiny camera instrument, allows your surgeon to see inside any joint throughout the entire body.


This type of surgical procedure does not require a large incision. Only a few small openings are made in the skin – one for the arthroscope and one for other surgical instruments.


This arthroscopic camera projects images of your joint to a video screen to view damaged tissues and other significant joint conditions. No new incisions will be needed to repair any damage right away, however larger problems may require and extra incision to treat the joint.

End of Procedure

When the procedure is completed, the openings are closed, skin is bandaged and your surgeon will discuss recovery actions with you.

Arthroscopic Surgery at IBJI

Minimally invasive orthopedic surgery at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute is the trusted surgical practice by all of our certified physicians. Contact an IBJI location near you to receive top-tier orthopedic services with the smallest of patient discomfort.

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