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MRI and CT Scan Medical Imaging

As one of the nation’s most trusted providers of orthopedic services, IBJI sets the standard for medical imaging. We offer a full range of diagnostic imaging care—MRI, CT scans, and arthrograms—delivered by a qualified, dedicated, service-oriented team of board-certified radiologists and technologists.

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Why Choose IBJI for Medical Imaging Services

IBJI MRI and CT scan imaging services offer a full range of diagnostic imaging care delivered by an experienced team of board-certified radiologists, technologists, and patient-centered receptionists.

We provide affordable imaging in a safe, comfortable environment at 14 convenient locations. Get quality service with flexible scheduling and appointments in 24 hours or less.

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IBJI MRI and CT Services offer several advanced options with your comfort in mind. Find your nearest location and call 855-IBJI-MRI to make an appointment.