Coordination of Post-operative Care for the Medicare Population

When recovering from surgery, you need a care team behind you that understands the importance of good communication and a team approach.

With IBJI’s innovative OrthoSync program, your physician, physical therapists, and their teams coordinate their efforts to create a customized recovery plan to help you heal after surgery and achieve the best possible outcome.

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How Does OrthoSync Work?

Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, OrthoSync strives to consider all of the factors that can influence your recovery. This collaborative effort by IBJI and our excellent partners optimizes recovery and helps patients avoid preventable issues such as falls, infections, and re-injury. Contact us at OrthoSync@ibji.com with any questions.


Schedule and Perform an Evaluation

After your surgery has been scheduled by your provider, an OrthoSync coordinator will call you to arrange a time and place for a pre-operative evaluation with an IBJI physical therapist.

The preoperative evaluation typically takes about 30 minutes and will include questions about social, cognitive, functional, and medical factors that may impact your post-op care. The physical therapist will also guide you through gait and stair training, and will discuss your home environment to ensure a safe return after surgery.

Finally, the therapist will provide information about locations and providers as well as give personalized recommendations for an optimal recovery after surgery.

Create a Care Plan

After completing your preoperative evaluation, your physical therapist will provide a summary of your results and a customized recovery plan. This information will be available to your doctor, their team, and any OrthoSync partners supporting your recovery. By sharing this information, everyone on your care team can collaborate on the care you receive.

Your Post-operative Healing—Synchronized

With OrthoSync, the healthcare providers involved in your recovery after surgery work together to help speed healing and provide you with the best possible outcome.

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