Pelvic Floor Therapy

IBJI’s Pelvic Therapy service focuses on the improvement of normal overall function and pain management in the pelvic region for both men and women. Patients with any orthopedic, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, congenital, or developmental conditions may also begin pelvic therapy to increase strength, flexibility and mobility. IBJI’s staff is trained in one-on-one interaction with patients to provide confidential and comprehensive rehabilitation treatments based on the newest research and techniques. Our therapists work directly with patients and physicians to establish clear treatment goals and a customized plan of care.

When Should You Seek Pelvic Therapy at IBJI

The most common reason for pelvic therapy treatment is to treat the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments. These components act as a foundation for all bodily movements and provide support to the pelvic organs. A condition called pelvic floor dysfunction commonly occurs when the muscles in the pelvis tense up or weaken. If you notice leakage dysfunction symptoms while sneezing, coughing, lifting and exercising, or have an overactive bladder, colorectal conditions, or pelvic and low back pain, you should consult a trained pelvic therapist at IBJI.

Closely following a therapist’s directions will alleviate your difficulties and decrease symptoms of dysfunction. Contact an Illinois Bone and Joint Institute clinic near you and find relief from your pelvic discomfort.

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