Telehealth - Physical Therapy

Take Your Home Exercises to the Next Level.

Telehealth video visits with IBJI Physical and Occupational Therapists allow you to continue your therapy from the safety and comfort of your own home. This new care option lets new and existing patients interact with IBJI providers via a video platform.

What may be included in a therapy telehealth visit?

  • Initial Assessments
  • Exercise modifications
  • Posture modifications
  • Walking (gait) evaluations
  • Rest & sleep positioning recommendations
  • Evaluate wound and incision healing

Our goal is to limit individual contact where we can, while providing the same high-quality physical care, as well as emotional support, that you have come to expect from IBJI therapists. You may be able to replace some or all of your in-person visits with virtual care. Consult directly with your IBJI provider to decide the nature and frequency of Telehealth care that makes the most sense for your specific needs.

Scheduling Telehealth For Therapy

Currently Scheduled Patients

Currently scheduled patients should work directly with their care staff to coordinate transitioning their treatment plan to virtual visits.

In order to keep up with the current demand for visits, both in-person and virtually, we plan to employ a teamwork approach to care. This means we will have therapists working in teams of two as a shared approach to providing a quality experience for you over the course of your onsite and virtual treatment.

New Patients Seeking an Injury Consultation or Evaluation

New patients seeking an injury consultation or initial evaluation, can contact our offices or use the form to contact our therapy care locations.

Our Telehealth Platform

IBJI physical and occupational therapists will be utilizing Jisti Meet for all telehealth visits. All you need is your phone, tablet, or computer to connect with your therapist for a session or consultation—being connected to a strong and stable internet signal will help you get the best connection with your therapist.

Don’t Delay, Call Our Experts Today.

Delaying your treatment could prolong and add overall costs to your recovery. For existing patients, prompt transition to Telehealth video visits will help sustain progress made during your regular in-person visits. For new therapy patients, early intervention telehealth visits of physical and occupational therapy can eliminate the need for unnecessary medication, surgery or imaging tests.

No prescription for therapy? No problem. Direct Access allows IBJI therapists to provide evaluation and treatment to patients without referral from a physician. Don’t wait to receive the care you need, contact our offices to arrange a telehealth evaluation.

Please contact our administrative team with specific questions regarding telehealth billing and payment.

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