Jason, 45, has always enjoyed staying fit by running, weightlifting, and participating in tough mudders—but how would life after hip replacement be?

Jason played football in high school, and, in college, became a competitive powerlifter. In recent years, though, he began to experience pain and a loss of flexibility in both of his hips.

“I couldn’t sit at a picnic table because of the pain in my left leg,” he recalls, adding that he would limp at times and had difficulty climbing the stairs to tuck his kids into bed.

In his own words, Jason tells the story of his treatment journey and shares what his life is like today in the following blog post. Read on to learn about his care from IBJI and find out how things are going now in his life after hip replacement.

What Leads to Total Hip Arthroplasty?

For Jason, total hip arthroplasty was needed because he had no cartilage left on either hip. To further exacerbate the problem, his left hip had bone spurs.

The Wisconsin resident searched for an orthopedic surgeon near his home. His pain had become burdensome and he knew he would most likely require a total hip replacement surgery.

Jason worried that surgery could mean missed time at work and a less active life after hip replacement. “I had interviewed five different surgeons prior to finding Dr. Ritesh Shah at IBJI,” Jason says.

“Every other surgeon said it would be at least three weeks until I could drive again, and some would say I’d never be able to run again.”

Quick Recovery from Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Since Jason didn’t like what he was hearing from the hip surgeons he had visited, he started googling things like “quick recovery from total hip replacement surgery” and “ outpatient hip replacement surgery.” That’s when he discovered Dr. Shah at IBJI, who promised a different life after hip replacement recovery.

“I would have been willing to fly someplace, but I found out that Dr. Shah was local,” Jason happily reported. “I thought that was awesome. He had a couple of testimonials which I read, and there was a guy who did a video saying he was in and out the same day and walking.”

Initial Visit for Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Jason scheduled a visit with Dr. Shah at the IBJI Buffalo Grove Doctors’ Office, and that’s when he decided he had found the surgeon he trusted. Dr. Shah was the hip surgeon he wanted to perform total hip replacement surgery on his left and right hip.

“He was the first doctor to look me in the eye,” Jason says. “He took time with me and answered all of my questions. He really listened to me, and knew that I was very concerned about not wanting to take a significant amount of time off of work.” (Jason is a purchasing executive for a Wisconsin company.)

Jason asked Dr. Shah what he could expect with life after hip replacement surgery. “He assured me that I could go back to work quickly, and he knew I wanted to run again,” Jason says.

Running after hip replacement was something very important to Jason. “He said if I wanted to do a couple of miles, that’s great. He did tell me that I could wear out my joint the more I run, but there was an option of putting in a new liner. This was a trade-off for me. He could still fix it. I felt confident that I could get back to living my best life.”

Dr. Shah performed the surgeries at the North Shore Surgical Suites in Pleasant Prairie, one of his affiliated locations, which made it convenient for Jason. He went home the same day.

“He gave me that option of getting the closest location possible,” Jason says.

Preparing for Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Prior to surgery, the staff at IBJI prepared Jason with a packet of information and great communication.

Dr. Shah explained step-by-step what he was going to do. There was very little apprehension for Jason, even though this would be his first surgery and his first time with anesthesia.

“I actually felt so confident in Dr. Shah that I made multiple bets at work that I would be back to work on Monday,” Jason says, noting that his surgery was on a Friday morning.

“Nobody believed that I could recover from hip replacement that quickly, so I won the bets.”

Driving After Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Jason was happy to discover he was comfortable with his morning commute to work. “I drive 50 miles one way to work and being able to drive right away was great,” he says.

“I had the strength to drive with both surgeries and I could do that because I actually never took a single pain pill. I only took a combination of ibuprofen and acetaminophen.”

While being observed by his coworkers, Jason says several of them asked if he would share his surgeon’s name, which he did.

“I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Shah,” Jason says. “He and his team were awesome. Obviously, they are very capable individuals.”

Physical Therapy After Total Hip Replacement Surgery

The most important thing that Jason feels led to a great recovery in his life after hip replacement was starting physical therapy prior to his first hip arthroplasty.

“My understanding from my physical therapist is that Dr. Shah is unique in having a patient work the muscles that I would need to recover after my surgery prior to the actual surgery,” Jason says.

Returning to an Active Life After Hip Replacement

With both surgeries, Jason says he began to lift weights after his three-week post-surgery check-up.

“I was able to deadlift, which is picking up weight off of the ground,” he explains. “I also did leg presses, leg extensions and leg curls. I went back to my regular routine after six weeks when Dr. Shah said I was healed.”

Jason’s first surgery on his left hip was in July of 2021 and his right total hip replacement surgery was done in October of 2021.

Jason is back to an active life after hip replacement. Seven weeks after his second hip surgery, he ran a mile. He’s back to lifting weights four times per week.

“Now having both of my hips done, I can move, turn, twist, walk my dog, and run again,” he says, “It was completely life-changing.”

A Spokesperson for Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Today, Jason’s mission is to tell others who are on the fence about total hip replacement that recovery is not at all difficult.

“I’m so excited about what Dr. Shah did and how it has impacted my life, especially with my initial expectations of having two hip replacements. If anyone is waiting or delaying or doesn’t believe it can happen, I just want them to know that it can.”

He adds, “I would tell people that are apprehensive about asking off of work that you will only miss a couple of days of work. It will completely change your life. I wish I had done this sooner.”

Now that Jason is living a pain-free life after hip replacement and his hip flexibility has returned, he has his eye on his future athletic endeavors.

“I’m excited to be able to get back to the things that I love,” he says. “I’d like to build up to doing a 5K again. I would love to do another mudder again, too. I’ll see how it goes.”

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