Arthroscopy of the Ankle


Ankle arthroscopy allows a surgeon to accurately identify, diagnose and treat an assortment of conditions in the ankle. An arthroscope can be inserted into the body through an incredibly small, minimally invasive incision.


To begin the procedure, the patient will receive anesthesia and fluid will be pumped into the ankle – expanding the joint – making the joint easier to see. Two small incisions will be made in the skin: one for the arthroscopic camera and the other for surgical repair instruments.


Our surgeons will carefully inspect your ankle for obvious and minor signs of damage. Depending on the current condition, your physician may decide to correct the problem right away or at a later date.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

As the surgery comes to a close and is successfully completed, the incisions will be closed and bandaged. A patient will receive a splint or boot and will be monitored post-surgery before returning home. Physical therapy participation may be required as part of the recovery process.

Ankle Arthroscopy in Chicago, Illinois

Arthroscopy of the ankle is a minimally invasive surgery technique utilized to treat conditions in the ankle joint while maintaining the utmost safety and well being of the patient. The Illinois Bone & Joint Institute uses this method to accurately diagnose and correct the condition at hand. Contact one of our twenty locations throughout Chicago for complete musculoskeletal care all in one place.

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