Animal Bites


Animal bites can be very dangerous due to the large range of negative consequences that can occur. Typical injuries can include tissue punctures, tears and the introduction to unfavorable infectious germs. Animal bites from a pet or wild animal may seem minor at first, but can cause serious infection if not treated properly.

Types of Bites

The most common bite seen in patients is received from a dog. A dog’s tooth can tear and crush soft tissues in the skin causing nerve damage and deep wounds that require immediate attention. Cats bites on the other hand aren’t as common and aren’t capable of the same level of crushing ability versus a dog. Their long, sharp teeth however can still easily puncture the skin and allow germs to enter below the skin. Infection is equally relevant in both cats and dogs and medical assistance should be sought out instead of treating it on your own.

Signs of Infection

An obvious sign of infection will show various amounts of swelling and red skin around the area of the bite. Severe symptoms such as fever, chills and vomiting may develop if left untreated.


Treatment for animal bites has a large list of possibilities. Depending on the severity of the bite, reconstructive surgery, tetanus boosters, rabies treatment and antibiotics may be needed.

Animal Bite Treatment Near You

Animal bites must see immediate professional medical attention to prevent infection from taking place. The Illinois Bone & Joint Institute will provide you with the advice and treatment you need to recover from an animal bite. Contact any of our Chicago locations and let IBJI give you the help your body needs for a healthy recovery.

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