Shoulder Fractures

Traumatic injuries to your shoulder can result in fractures where either the ball (humerus) or socket (glenoid) is broken. This can be incredibly painful when it happens, but neglecting fractures can lead to long-term dysfunction. It is important to get an X-ray of your shoulder when you have a significant injury in order to rule out a fracture because treatment is time-sensitive. Most fractures simply require time and early physical therapy to regain reasonable function, while others require surgery within the first few weeks to avoid long-term disability. Our doctors at IBJI will create a custom treatment and recovery plan suited to your condition, with assistance from diagnostic imaging technology.

Shoulder Fracture Treatment at IBJI

The shoulder specialists at Illinois Bone & Joint Institute will successfully diagnose your condition and assess what is needed to get you back to full, confident, and pain-free function.

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