Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

The shoulder is a vital component for everyday activities. When a shoulder joint is arthritic and painful, nothing from the shoulder down to the hands is easy to use. IBJI’s shoulder replacement surgeons will evaluate your condition and, if necessary, perform your surgery with the utmost care. Let us be your guide back to a fully functioning shoulder.

Am I a Candidate for Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

IBJI’s physicians and surgeons may recommend a total shoulder replacement when arthritis pain becomes so unbearable that it begins to restrict your range of motion and affects your daily life. If pain does not seem to be subsiding with any non-surgical treatments, then surgery may be the best option. Patients most commonly need a shoulder replacement when their arthritic symptoms become too great to control. If that’s the case, the damaged joint is removed and replaced with a prosthesis that imitates the ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder. 

During the post-surgery period, you should expect a recovery time of three to six months before getting back to all of your activities. This will include pain management and rehabilitation treatments as well as the avoidance of strenuous motion until the shoulder has fully healed. The artificial joint allows for the smooth movement that the arthritic shoulder used to be unable to perform. Shoulder replacement surgery at Illinois Bone & Joint Institute will assure you a full recovery with step-by-step guidance from our experienced surgeons and doctors.


If you’re experiencing undefined pain that interferes with daily activities, motion and resting, you may have one of the following conditions of shoulder replacement.


  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Injections
  • Pain Management Therapy
  • Medications: Analgesics, corticosteroids, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, TNF-alpha inhibitors, immunotherapy
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery: Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Alternative Surgery: Synovectomy, total shoulder replacement, joint fusion

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