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Shoulder Instability

While the shoulder naturally has more motion than any other joint, it should never actually dislocate, or come out of the socket. Shoulder instability is when the humeral bone completely disengages from the socket. When it happens, it is urgent that the shoulder joint be reset as soon as possible in order to avoid long-term problems in the shoulder and arm. After the shoulder is put back in place, it is important that you get evaluated by a shoulder specialist who will assess you for long-term instability problems and design a treatment plan. Some individuals would benefit from rehabilitation, while others would best be served with surgery after one dislocation. A shoulder specialist can do the necessary assessment to determine an individualized treatment plan based on your age, activity level, other health problems, and specific structures injured.

Conditions Associated with Shoulder Instability


Shoulder Instability Treatment at IBJI

The shoulder specialists at Illinois Bone & Joint Institute will successfully diagnose your shoulder instability condition and help get you back to full, confident, and pain-free function.

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