Custom Orthotics Specialists in Illinois

Orthotic foot inserts are useful products to help fix many different lower body conditions. Orthotic inserts replace the lining from your shoes and are custom fitted to treat your feet’s symptoms. IBJI knows that no two feet are the same and need special attention.   IBJI’s podiatrists and physical therapists can evaluate and fit you for custom foot orthotics.

When Are Custom Orthotics Necessary for Your Shoes?

If you experience pain in your feet, hip, knees and back, orthotic inserts are a great solution recommended by IBJI’s physicians and physical therapists; especially when you’re standing for extended periods of time. Foot orthotics purchased at the pharmacy can only provide short-term relief. They may be cheap, but are not top quality, nor are they custom fitted. For long-term relief, find an IBJI location near you to enjoy walking again; we’d love to see you get comfortably back on your feet.

Custom Orthotics Fitting at IBJI

Obtaining foot inserts at IBJI can provide immediate relief for your body.  During your appointment for Orthotic Fabrication, a orthotic specialist will perform an in-depth gait analysis and biomechanical evaluation to determine which type of orthotic will provide you with the best results. Some devices are meant to provide cushioning and orthotics offer motion control. Once your specific need is determined, one of two methods will be utilized to fabricate the devices: casting or off the shelf, which are heat molded to your feet. 

Casted Orthotics

Cast moldings involves taking a plaster cast mold of your feet. After the casts are dried, they are sent off to a biomechanical lab to have the custom molds professionally made. The devices are fabricated based on the recommendations made by the orthotic specialist in combination with the cast replica of the foot. Casted orthotics may take up to 3 weeks to receive and are durable for 5-7 years. 

When you receive your orthotic devices, your fitter will discuss the proper time frame for you to break in the new devices. The orthotics will alter the weight-bearing surfaces of the foot so your body will need days/weeks to adapt to these changes. A typical program starts with 1-2 hours the first day and a gradual increase in hours each day if you are tolerating the devices. You should never wear the devices for exercise/sports activities until you are comfortable in them for an entire day.

Heat Molded Orthotics

During your consultation with an IBJI orthotic specialist, it is possible they will recommend an alternative to casted orthotics and instead fit a patient with a customizable off the shelf orthotic. This type of device allows the fitter to trial several options with you, to determine which is the best fit.  Next, the orthotic will be heated and molded to your arch, along with any extra modifications to specifically fit your foot.  Patients will leave the office with you new orthotics the same day.

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