Bankart Repair


If you experience constant pain in the shoulder, you may have a torn labrum. That means you’ve torn the thick band of tissue that surrounds the shoulder socket. Luckily, a torn labrum can be easily fixed with a procedure called a Bankart repair.


To start, patients will be given anesthesia and a numbing agent to relax the muscles and go to sleep during the surgery. This minimally invasive procedure begins with the surgeon making a few small openings in the skin. A special camera called an arthroscope is then inserted into the openings with surgical instruments. For some patients, depending on their condition, surgery may need to be done through a slightly larger incision.


The surgeon will drill a few small holes in the bone along the edge of the socket. Special screws called “anchors” are inserted into these holes and stitches will pull the affected labrum to the anchors. A successful procedure will hold the labrum back in its normal place.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

When your surgery is done, the openings on the skin are closed and your physician will supervise you before you’re allowed to go home. You’ll then be given tips to help with the healing process.

Labrum Repairs in Illinois

Shrugging off shoulder pain is never a good idea. When you experience issues with the shoulder, you should contact your local orthopedic doctor for an accurate diagnosis and solution to the problem. The Illinois Bone & Joint Institute specializes in orthopedic shoulder treatments to restore an efficient range of motion.