Biceps Tendonitis


Bicep tendonitis is a problem with a tendon in your shoulder. Most often, it’s the “long head of the biceps” tendon that travels from the front of your upper arm to the top of your shoulder socket. The tendon can become painfully inflamed or irritated when this condition worsens.


Biceps tendonitis is usually caused by normal wear and tear. It can be a problem for people who perform repetitive shoulder movements such as athletes participating in tennis, baseball or swimming. These activities can damage your shoulder’s tendon and can become red and swollen over time.


Biceps tendonitis causes varying levels of pain in the front of the shoulder. You may feel this pain when you lift your arm or any activity that involves shoulder movement. Your upper arm may ache and sometimes a snapping sensation can develop in the shoulder.


Treatments options for bicep tendonitis may include rest, ice, medications and physical therapy. If those treatment methods don’t help – and conditions worsen – surgery may be a considerable option.

Bicep Tendonitis Relief Near You

Bicep tendonitis can prevent simple tasks from being performed on a regular basis. To restore motion and pain-free movements in the arm and shoulder, a board-certified physician from the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute can create a plan that’s tailored just for you. Contact IBJI to learn more about our orthopedic shoulder treatments and move better as soon as possible.