The right care, when you need it

Orthopedic injuries can deter your game and should be assessed or treated by a specialist. It is important to get the right care.

Illinois Bone and Joint Institute can help. We have compiled this summary guide to help student-athletes with treatment and assessment.

“I'm injured and I need to be seen by a doctor right away.”

“I have some discomfort, but I’m not sure if it’s serious.”

Don’t play through the pain. If you’re experiencing any discomfort or concern, but aren’t sure what to do, our team of sports specialists can assess your injury, free of charge.

“I think I might have a concussion.”

Concussions are brain injuries and should be evaluated by a specialist who is trained to diagnose and manage disorders of the brain. The IBJI Sports Neurology team provides comprehensive concussion management, from complimentary ImPact baseline testing to postinjury evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, rehab, and return-to-play clearance.

If you think you have suffered a concussion, call 847-682-8463.

“I’d like to make an appointment with a sports medicine specialist.”

Find an IBJI Sports Medicine specialist to request an appointment with a specific physician or simply request an appointment with your nearest convenient location to be paired with a fellowship-trained, board-certified orthopedic sports medicine physician near you.

“How will I remember this when I get hurt?”

Download the IBJI Sports Access app to keep all of IBJI’s Sports Medicine resources at your fingertips when you get hurt. From the app you can request a free sports injury screening, schedule an ImPact baseline concussion test, and find the nearest IBJI OrthoAccess® Immediate Care location.

Meet the IBJI Sports Medicine Physicians

IBJI Sports Medicine Physicians

IBJI Sports Medicine Physicians at Hinsdale Orthopaedics, A Division of IBJI (West/Southwest Suburbs)

IBJI Sports Medicine Physicians at OAK Orthopedics, A Division of IBJI (South/Far South Suburbs)

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